Community Affair and Local Content Policy

Twinlead shall: -Execute its projects and operations in an environmentally safe manner within the community

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it operates.

  • Carry out its operations without under mining the values and culture of the host community.
  • The host community indigenes and people of the country of operation shall be engaged in project execution in order for them to improve on their skills,particularly in area where they have relevant capabilities.
  • Encourage and promote good relationship both with clients and host community.
  • Where applicable, perform value added missions within the host community as a Corporate Social Responsibility.

Twinlead believes in workforce diversities, it shall turn their diversities to strength and promote unity in diversity.
In the areas where foreign/expert knowledge is required, Twinlead shall:-

  • Engage the services of expatriates to execute the job,the expatriates shall mentor and transfer knowledge to Nigerians (who are attached to understudy the expatriates) in order to develop our local content capabilities.
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