• Twinlead Ltd shall execute its projects and operations in line with international best practices.
  • Twinlead Ltd believes “zero incidence goal” is possible, and shall promote policies towards achieving this goal.
  • To prevent accident at work by providing Twinlead employees, contractors and suppliers with adequate work safety knowledge and Personal Protective equipment.
  • To engage services of competent and trained personnel at work in order to prevent incidence to as low as reasonably possible.
  • To protect the environment by encouraging recycling and recovery of materials, appropriate disposal of waste and prevention of pollution.
  • To ensure safety of personnel and equipment.
  • To comply with client written safety policies, government laws and regulations.
  • To carry out routine alcohol and drug testing of our personnel

we are all committed to:

  • Work safely without harming people
  • Reduce damage or loss to assets.
  • Protect the environment.
  • Maintain the company image and reputation and earn the confidence of customers, shareholders and the society
  • Achieve continuous improvement in HSE performance.

This will be achieved by:

  • Ensuring that our operations adhere to the DPR Legislations and Industrial Guidelines.
  • Providing a framework to improve HSE performance.
  • Ensuring that resources are available within the organization to achieve effective implementation.
  • Set clear and measurable objectives, evaluate them and report HSE performance.
  • Reducing potential hazard impacts of activities on the health, safety and environment to the lowest level that is reasonably practicable.
  • Effective auditing of HSE performance and following the recommendations.
  • Complete preparation to handle any potential emergency case.
  • All company contractors should be committed to operate in accordance with HSE Policy
  • Encourage intervention of all employees in case of unsafe acts or when activities are not complying with our HSE Policy.
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